Travel insurance

This is an integral part of any travel worldwide and we strongly recommend you have adequate travel insurance to protect oneself against any unforeseen events such as missed or delayed flights, lost or damaged baggage, sickness or any other event beyond one’s control.


Visa info

A separate visa issued by each country in question is required for entry into Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda. There are three month tourist visa available either at any legal point of entry (airport, entry border etc) upon entry (please confirm your status prior to departure) or through prior arrangement with the nearest respective country’s Embassy or Consulate from your country. Re-entry within the East African Countries is permitted with a Single Entry Visa Permit from any of the three member Countries provided one has NOT previously traveled outside of any of the member countries during that visit. The passport MUST have at least 2 blank pages for each country – a page each for the Visa and the second for the Entry and Exit Stamps. If in doubt please consult the nearest Embassy or Consulate or refer to us for clarification. Online applications are also available.


At the moment, East African countries do not share a common currency:

Kenya                    – Kenya Shillings (KES)

Tanzania               – Tanzania Shillings (TZS)

Uganda                                 – Uganda Shilling (UGX)

Rwanda                                 – Rwanda Franc (RWF)


Bureaus or Banks are found in most areas and the Lodges also have facility to exchange foreign to local currency. Unused local currency can be converted to foreign currency at all major airports. Please verify the present currency exchange as they tend to fluctuate.


Keep some cash on you in local currency for small incidentals or shopping etc. However, we recommend that one exchange foreign currency in bits rather than large amounts that one might not be able to account for later on. Although British Pounds and Euro are accepted in most hotels/lodges the preferred currency is US Dollar which is readily accepted in most shops and other places of business


IMPORTANT: Dollar Bills issued by the US Government prior to the year 2003 are NOT welcome in this part of the world so please ensure that the US Dollar Bills are dated 2003 and later.




Local Communities